A clean credit file can give back financial rewards in the form of easier access to credit, quicker approvals and lower interest

In Australia, more than 5 million Australians have been blacklisted by no fault of their own and a survey by Choice several years ago stated up to 30% of credit files have errors. One of Australia’s largest Credit reporting agency Senior Managers says with 14.5 million credit files on their books, and 16,000 transactions a day, mistakes can happen and quite often it’s human error. (Statistics stated by Channel 7).

Every adult in Australia has a credit file which keeps record of your loan applications, credit card application attempts. So, if the credit file listing has not been added fairly, has been added incorrectly, or you believe it should not be there at all, then Visage will get it removed.

If you make an application for finance, banking loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc. your credit file is likely to be checked by the finance company or lender to verify you meet their lending conditions.

The sorts of things that are recorded on your credit file can and most often do include; the number of times you have applied for credit, the type of finance you applied for and the dollar amount of the loan you applied for.

A negative listing on a credit report can destroy one’s ability to attain credit for 5 years or more. A bad financial situation can be severe and wide spread, right from business failures to personal issues, not being able to have a good credit file can have serious consequences.

The good news is many of these negative listings can be permanently removed from a credit file, like they never existed. Visage specialises in helping people against negative credit listings and finally achieving a healthy credit file. We utilise both State and Federal laws as well as our in-depth understanding of the credit reporting industry. Following are a few kinds of credit listings:

  • Payment Defaults
  • Court Judgments
  • Clear-outs;
  • Overdue accounts
  • Credit Enquiries
  • Crossed or linked files
  • Multiple identities and more

A clean credit file can give back great financial rewards in the form of easier access to credit, quicker approvals and lower interest charges.

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