When the sharks are circling it can be difficult to imagine finding the funds to pay for the kind of expert advice and support Visage provides. So first off lets be clear that there are a range of free counselling services available out there for people who have no alternatives remaining to them. One government option we are happy to recommend is: https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/manag…
However, while the ‘self-help’ and advocacy model works well for most consumers, the selling point of Visage Group is the ability to ‘outsource’ the management and resolution of a problem for a fee. The clear benefit of these services for debtors is to receive expert help at a time of great personal difficulty. Our clients can focus on rebuilding their lives while we take care of the creditor and debt problems holding them back.
We do understand however that for many the prospect of paying fees can be daunting and so Visage is prepared to charge most of its Credit Solutions and Business Recovery fees on a success basis (% of debt actually reduced). We also offer to help selected clients with a range of options including:
  • Many clients are not in a position to pay our fees up-front, but this is not a problem. We can accept a payment plan to cover our fees, and we will commence work immediately we receive our client’s signed Authority.
  • In some instances, there are extra costs involved, such as court filing fees. If the client is on a minimal payment plan, Visage will be happy to front these fees, with the understanding that our client will pay the cost at a later date.
  • We understand that some of our clients have work which is of a casual nature, and we are happy to work around this if it impinges on their ability to keep regular payments of our fees up to date.
  • Some of our clients have matters which are extremely urgent, such as an impending wage garnishee, yet we are able to intervene even in these instances to avert enforcement of a court judgment.
In summary, don’t let assumptions around the payment of fees dissuade you from seeking expert help. Our mission is to help ordinary people with extraordinary problems, and that means being flexible. If we take you on as a client we will help you find a workable payment arrangement.